MORF Binder Scheme


Since February 2011, MORF has been redistributing free binders to trans* masculine people all over the UK and around the world. The free scheme (all you pay is the postage) has so far redistributed over 150 binders, and we want to continue giving out as many as possible.

Want to receive a binder?
If you are interested in receiving a free binder, please email us at and we will send you a copy of the current binder catalogue with all the relevant information you should need.

Want to donate a binder? 
The scheme has been a huge success, and it is thanks to guys donating their unused and unwanted binders for us to redistribute. If you are interested in donating a binder to us, please read the flyer below for more info. Feel free to print the flyer and distribute it in your local trans* community, too.


What is the MORF Binder Exchange Scheme?
The scheme is a not-for-profit project, which aims to provide free binders to all transmen who request them.

Where do the binders in the catalogue come from?

The binders in the catalogue have been donated to the scheme by people who have had chest surgery/no longer bind/have a binder to spare. Over 150 binders, from all around the world, have been donated to the scheme since it began.

Do I have to be FTM/trans to receive a binder from this scheme? 
The MORF Binder Exchange Scheme aims to support ftm/trans individuals to reduce their gender dysphoria. We have a limited supply of binders, and therefore ask that drag kings/performance artists help us to reserve our supply for those who suffer with gender dysphoria.

Why do I have to pay for postage and packaging?
We are a not-for-profit scheme, and don't receive any scheme funding. We therefore ask that recipients pay for the P&P of their binder-this is usually £3.00. If you cannot afford to pay for P&P, you are welcome to collect a binder from MORF; please email to arrange this.

Why do you request payment via PayPal?
PayPal is the easiest, quickest method of payment for us, which means that you can receive your binder as quickly as possible.

Can I pay using a different method of payment?
Although we prefer to use PayPal, we can accept postal orders in special circumstances. If you would like to send a postal order please send this to: MORF, c/o LGF, Number 5, Richmond St, Manchester, M1 3HF. If you send a postal order, please bear in mind that MORF post is collected monthly, so you may have to wait several weeks before receiving your binder.
We cannot accept posted coins, although you can pay in cash if you collect in person.

I don't have internet access. Can I still receive a binder from the scheme?
Yes. If you would like to receive a binder from the scheme, but do not have internet access, we are able to post a copy of the catalogue to you in the post. We do ask that you cover the cost of postage and packaging of the catalogue-this is usually £2.50.

Can I request more than one binder?
In order to help as many guys out as possible, we aim to provide one binder per customer. If the binder you receive becomes worn, or you need a different size, we are happy to send out a second binder if we have enough in stock.

What if I can't find a suitable binder in the catalogue?
Please email us at, and we will try our best to accommodate your requirements.

Why are out-of-stock binders still in the catalogue?
The binder catalogue is updated monthly, as it is run by volunteers. This means that some binders which are out-of-stock may still appear in the catalogue. We apologise for any confusion this may cause. We will let you know as soon as possible if the binder you would like is no longer in stock, and will try our best to find you an equally suitable one.

Do I have to give you my legal name/home address?
You can use whichever name and address is most convenient for you. 

Is the packaging discreet?
YES, We do not write anything related to binders/MORF on the envelopes.

It has been a few days and I am yet to receive my binder. How long will it take?
We aim to post parcels within a week, but if things are really busy, it can take a while longer. We will do are utmost to get it to you as soon as we can, but we are volunteers who have other work and life commitments so please do have some patience. If you have not received your binder within ten days, please email us at to let us know.

The binder I've received does not fit me. What can I do?
It would be great if you could send the binder back to us. Once we've received the binder, we can send you out one in a different size, if you would like us to.

How can I donate a binder to the scheme?
MORF relies entirely on donations to keep the scheme running, and we really appreciate any donations you can make. If you have a binder that you would like to give to the scheme, please post it to us at: MORF, c/o LGF, Number 5, Richmond St, Manchester, M1 3HF, or drop it in at a MORF session-see Year Planner.

How can I help to keep the Binder Exchange Scheme running?
There are lots of ways to help keep the scheme going. You can:
-Donate any unused binders that you may have.
-Ask your friends if they have any binders they can donate.
-Donate envelopes/parcel-paper/sellotape to help with postage & packaging.
-Click on the donate button on this page and help us buy new binders to add to the catalogue.

Any other questions?
Please email us at:

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"Just wanted to say thank you for the binder :). It fits well and arrived just in time for my graduation :). Thanks so much."
"Thank you loads for the binder, it's exactly what I needed - thanks again :D"
"Received, thank you so so so much! Good luck with carrying on the scheme and everything, hope it’s all going ok! :)"
"Hello MORF thank you for sending my binder quickly through the post, I’m feeling ecstatic and scared and mums feeling sick. It means so much to own this very first of my soon to be collection of binders keep doing what you’re doing and thanks again guys :-D"

"The binder fits very well, I'm delighted with it :)"

"Binder has arrived thank you it’s very cosy but I feel more comfortable now will send it back to you when I have had surgery."

"Thank you for being so helpful!!"

"Just to say very many thanks for my binder which came today. All the best."

"You are brilliant. You've made my friend unbelievably happy. Thank you for this service Matt Cis guy."

"Thanks for your help :) If there's anything i can do to help you guys out in any way then don't hesitate to ask.  It's really great what you're doing."

"Hey, it came through today and it's a PERFECT fit :D I look like I have pecs!! Thank you!"