What is MORF?


We are Manchester's social & peer support group for trans*masculine people, who want to meet other trans*masculine people, discuss relevant issues, and have fun, in a safe, trans-positive environment. MORF is free to attend and is on the fourth Monday of every month, from 7pm-9pm at the LGF Manchester.

Who is MORF for?:

MORF is for anyone, aged 18+, who identifies on or around the trans*masculine spectrum, e.g.: Transmasculine, Transman, FTM, Transgender man, Transsexual man, Genderqueer, Gender questioning, Non-binary.
(We also hold 'open meets', where members SOFFAs-Significant Others, Friends, Family & Allies-are welcome to come along. Please see our Year Planner to find when these are.)

Who is MORF not for? 

MORF cannot offer counselling or crisis intervention. The following helplines are trained in trans-awareness, and might be able to help you: Qwest FTM UK, Samaritans, Nightline, Lothian LGBT Helpline.

MORF is for people aged 18+. If you're aged under 18, but would like information or support regarding your gender identity, please contact Mermaids, Afternoon TEA Youth Group, or Queer Youth Network.

If you are a parent of a transgender person, and would like more information, please visit Mermaids or Depend.

MORF's objective: 

MORF's objective is to support trans*masculine people to understand and exercise their legal, political, health, social, and human rights, and provide tools to help trans*masculine people challenge any barriers preventing this.

To achieve this, we aim to:

-provide a base for the community to find each other, listen to each other's experiences, and support each other.
-provide current information and resources on relevant health and legal matters, for members to use and share further.
-provide a space where members can discuss and organise around relevant social and political issues affecting trans people.
- get involved in campaigns that raise visibility of trans* issues and promote trans* equality.
-provide opportunities to have fun and make friends with other trans* people, through our online discussion group, residential trips, and MORF social meets.

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